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Happeninz is a NEW, location-based social
messaging platform. Talk to people around
the world! Communicate about ongoing local
events or trending news. Everybody
following that location will see your message.
No need to have followers!

GobbleBox Example

Do you have something to say about a place?

  • "There's a free concert in Central Park right now!" [New York, NY]
  • "That ref blew that call! It should have been a touchdown!" [FedEx Field]
  • "50% off all sweaters at Banana Republic!" [Fair Oaks Mall]
  • "Mga kababayan, malakas ang dating ni Typhoon Yolanda, ingat kayo!" [Tacloban, Philippines]
  • "Buon Giorno!" [Rome, Italy]

Everybody in the same general area (your Happeninz) will see each other's messages.
For example, if you are at a concert, you can talk with other users in Happeninz at the concert,
or if there is a concert somewhere else in the world, you can exchange messages
with those concert-goers without actually being there!

Map Search


Go to the map and search for places
you are interested in. Place the marker
onto that location and double-click to
read Happeninz written to that place.


Save your favorite locations so that the next
time you use the app, or log into the website,
you can load them quickly.

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Happeninz is designed for mobile
devices. Check out our iOS app in the
App Store, the Android version in
the Google Play Store and the Windows
version in the Windows Store!