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avatar Somewhere, Earth




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Contact help@happeninz.com or post repeatedly to this location until someone notices and posts back:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a post on Happeninz?
A post on happeninz is a public message within our system, sent to a specific location in the world. Anyone can read gobbles, but you must login to write them.

What is a Happeninz?
A Happeninz is an area of the map, varying in size and determining which post will be visible for reading. Drag the marker on the Map page to a new location to move the Happeninz box and adjust its size.

  • Website - The Happeninz box is represented by a red rectangle and the map marker is indicated by a feather. To adjust the size of the Happeninz use the slider located above the map on the Map page and above the address on the Happeninz page.
    GobbleBox Example Rectangle
  • iPhone App - The marker is indicated by a pin. To adjust the size of the Happeninz, go to your Settings screen.

Why are there different sized Happeninz?
A large Happeninz allows you to read from a very large area of the map (~300 sq mi). By shrinking the size of your Happeninz you can zero in on a specific location, thus filtering out posts sent to locations outside of your specified Happeninz.

What is a Remote User?
A remote user is a user located outside of your Happeninz. Any posts sent to your Happeninz from these users will be considered remote and can be filtered in your profile settings.

Can I post to a location other than where I am?
Yes, you use the map to change the location of your Happeninz by dragging the feather marker to a new location, and then compose a remote post by:

  • Website - clicking on the marker, or returning to the Happeninz page and clicking the Happeninz icon.
  • iPhone App - returning to the Happeninz screen.
adjacent to the address.

Who can read my posts?
Anyone in the world. Happeninz is an open, public messaging system.

Can I post privately or directly to someone or a group of people?
You can post at someone by using the @ symbol before their username (e.g. @TuffJuice) and those gobbles will show up in their Mentions view. To see your mentions click on the @ button located in your Profile box. There is currently no concept of groups in this iteration of the system.

Are you keeping my location info?
Coordinate information is linked to every post, and all posts are visible to everyone in the world. The app and website do not track a specific user's location, only where you post to.

How do I follow or friend someone?
We do not currently have a system in place for friends, however that is definitely on our roadmap, including a lot of other exciting features!

How do I add a location to my favorites?

  • Website - On the Happeninz page, select the Star Icon   next to the visible address and add it as a favorite. Also in your Profile box, you can click your Favorites link and then the "Add Favorites" button. Drag the star to a location and then double click to add it as a favorite.
  • iPhone App - On the Map screen, click the + button next to the address.

How do I search for a location?
On the website, visit the Map page and use the search field at the top of the map to search for a location. Locations can be specifc addresses, or places, such as restaurants and schools. One or multiple icons will drop down onto the map related to your search result. Click once on an icon to see its address. Double click on an icon to load posts from around that location. Currently, this feature is only available on the website, and will be available for iOS on our next release.

How do I ignore or mute other users?
Click on the the post and a row will slide down with the option to mute that user, or flag the user as inappropriate. To unmute that person, go to your Settings and manage your existing Mutes.

How do I request new features or report bugs?
Post to #101, Vaswani Presidio, Panathur main road, Bangalore-560103 or send an email to help@happeninz.com.