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Stay Safe: Handling Unexpected Car Approaches

Car approaches can be unexpected and sometimes scary. Whether it’s a stranger trying to get into your car, an aggressive driver tailgating you or someone jumping out of nowhere onto the road, it’s important to know how to handle these situations to stay safe. In this article, we will discuss different scenarios that you might encounter while driving and how to handle them.

What to do if someone tries to get into your car

If someone tries to get into your car while you’re stopped at a traffic light or in a parking lot, it’s important to act fast. Here are some steps you can take to stay safe:

  1. Lock your doors: If you haven’t already, lock your doors as soon as you see someone approaching your car.
  2. Stay calm: Don’t panic or show any signs of fear. If you’re scared, the person will sense it and may become more aggressive.
  3. Drive away: If it’s safe to do so, drive away as quickly as possible.
  4. Honk your horn: If you can’t drive away, honk your horn repeatedly to draw attention to the situation.
  5. Call the police: If the person is persistent or violent, call the police immediately.

How to deal with an aggressive driver

If you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, it’s important to stay calm and avoid escalating the situation. Here are some tips on how to handle an aggressive driver:

  1. Don’t engage: Avoid making eye contact, yelling or making obscene gestures. This can escalate the situation and make things worse.
  2. Keep your distance: If the driver is tailgating you, slow down and let them pass. Don’t make sudden stops or turns, as this can cause an accident.
  3. Call the police: If the driver is putting you in danger or making you feel unsafe, call the police and report their behavior.
  4. Stay alert: Keep an eye on the driver and be aware of your surroundings. If necessary, take note of their license plate number and car make and model.

How to react if someone jumps in front of your car

If someone jumps in front of your car while you’re driving, it can be a scary and dangerous situation. Here’s what to do:

  1. Stay calm: Try not to panic or swerve out of the way. This can cause an accident or make the situation worse.
  2. Brake hard: If you have time, brake as hard as you can to avoid hitting the person.
  3. Sound your horn: If you can’t stop in time, sound your horn to warn the person.
  4. Call the police: If you hit the person or they are injured, call the police immediately and wait for them to arrive.

What to do if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area

Breaking down in an unfamiliar area can be stressful and potentially dangerous. Here’s what to do:

  1. Get off the road: If possible, move your car to the side of the road or into a parking lot.
  2. Stay in your car: It’s safer to stay in your car, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Lock your doors and windows and wait for help to arrive.
  3. Call for help: Use your cell phone to call for help. If you don’t have a phone, wait for a passerby to stop and offer assistance.
  4. Be wary of strangers: While it’s important to accept help from others, be wary of strangers and trust your instincts.


Encountering unexpected car approaches can be scary and dangerous, but knowing how to handle these situations can help you stay safe. Remember to stay calm, be aware of your surroundings, and call for help if necessary.


  1. What should I do if someone tries to carjack me?

    • If someone tries to carjack you, stay calm and do not resist. Give the person your car keys and move away from the car.
  2. Can I defend myself if someone attacks me while I’m in my car?

    • Yes, you can defend yourself if someone attacks you while you’re in your car. However, it’s important to remember that your safety should always come first.
  3. What should I do if I see someone driving erratically or recklessly?

    • If you see someone driving erratically or recklessly, stay away from them and call the police to report their behavior.
  4. How can I avoid car trouble while driving?

    • To avoid car trouble while driving, make sure that your car is well-maintained and serviced regularly. It’s also important to pay attention to warning signs and address any issues promptly.
  5. What should I do if I’m lost while driving and don’t know how to get home?

    • If you’re lost while driving, use a GPS or map app to help you find your way. If you’re still unsure, pull over and ask for directions from someone you trust.
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