What Happened to AT&T Thanks App?

The AT&T Thanks App is a mobile application that was developed by AT&T. The app allowed customers to search for deals and offers. The app is no longer functional so customers will need to use either the AT&T rewards app or AT&T MyATT app.

There are multiple apps now from AT&T which includes the AT&T rewards app which allows customers to manage and redeem their AT&T rewards. The AT&T rewards app allows customers to earn rewards for taking part in different activities.

What Happened to AT&T Thanks App?

The AT&T thanks app is an app that rewards customers for using their AT&T products and services. The app has been discontinued, but there are still some users that are interested in finding out if the app still works.

The AT&T Thanks app was shut down by the company because of fraudulent charges that were being made from within the app.

The AT&T Thanks App allowed people to share their thanks with their friends, family, and loved ones. However, scammers quickly took up the app and hijacked it for their own benefit.

The Thanks app was hijacked by scammers who began charging people for premium applications and services. At its peak, the AT&T thanks app was charging people upwards to $300 for premium apps and services.

When AT&T caught wind of the scam, they quickly shut down the app.

What features were available AT&T Thanks App.

The AT&T Thanks App is an app that allows you to track all purchases you make. All of your purchased items can be downloaded and viewed in the app. You are able to view all of your rewards and points. Available points include bonus rewards for new or transferred in customers. You can redeem points for free items such as ringtones, apps, and movies.

Within the app, you are able to track your points. You are able to view how many points you have earned and redeemed. You can view the date when the points expire. You can redeem the points immediately or set them for a future redemption. You are able to track your points by month; week, or day.


The AT&T thanks app is no longer available. But, there may be ways you can still get credit. For example, a brief review of your wireless bill may sometimes be enough to earn you credit. Also, if you’re a customer with a wireless plan or internet plan, sometimes you can check your account balance online. Just enter your account number and social security number. I hope this information helps you decide if the AT&T thanks app is still working. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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