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What to Do After Beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Crystal

Congratulations on defeating the Elite Four in Pokemon Crystal! You’ve proven yourself to be a skilled trainer, but the adventure isn’t over yet. Here are some things you can do next:

1. Challenge the Champion

After defeating the Elite Four, you can challenge the current Champion of the Pokemon League, Lance. He’s a tough opponent, so make sure your team is prepared before taking him on.

2. Explore Kanto

In Pokemon Crystal, you can travel to the region of Kanto after beating the Elite Four. There are eight more gym leaders to challenge in Kanto, and plenty of new Pokemon to catch and train.

3. Complete the Pokedex

Now that you’ve explored both Johto and Kanto, why not try to complete the Pokedex? Catching and evolving every Pokemon can be a challenging but rewarding task.

4. Battle Other Trainers

There are plenty of other trainers to battle and NPCs to talk to in both Johto and Kanto. See if you can find all the hidden battles and secret locations.

5. Participate in the Battle Tower

In Pokemon Crystal, the Battle Tower is a facility where trainers can battle against each other and earn rewards. Test your skills against other trainers and see how far you can climb the ranks.

6. Breed and Train Pokemon

Breeding and training Pokemon can be a fun and rewarding aspect of the game. Experiment with different breeding pairs and training techniques to create the ultimate team.

7. Trade with Friends

Pokemon Crystal allows for trading with other players via a link cable. Trade Pokemon with your friends to help each other complete the Pokedex or to acquire rare and powerful Pokemon.


Beating the Elite Four is just the beginning of the adventure in Pokemon Crystal. With plenty of post-game content and activities to explore, there’s no shortage of things to do. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and catch ’em all!


  1. How do I travel to Kanto in Pokemon Crystal?
  • After beating the Elite Four, go to the S.S. Aqua in Olivine City and take it to Vermilion City in Kanto.
  1. How do I challenge the Battle Tower in Pokemon Crystal?
  • The Battle Tower is located in the Battle Tower in the northeastern part of the Johto region. Speak to the receptionist to register for battles.
  1. How do I breed Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
  • To breed Pokemon, leave a male and female Pokemon of the same species at the Pokemon Daycare on Route 34. After a certain amount of steps, the Daycare Man will give you an egg containing a baby Pokemon.
  1. Can I catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal without trading with other players?
  • No, some Pokemon are only available in the other version of the game (Gold or Silver) or can only be obtained by trading with other players.
  1. Is it possible to catch a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
  • Yes, it’s possible but very rare. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild are about 1 in 8,192.
    1. How do I level up my Pokemon quickly in Pokemon Crystal?
    • There are a few ways to quickly level up your Pokemon. One is to battle against high-level trainers, such as Gym Leaders or Elite Four members. Another is to use the EXP Share item to split experience points between multiple Pokemon on your team.
    1. What is the best team to use against the Champion in Pokemon Crystal?
    • There’s no one “best” team, as it depends on your playstyle and the Pokemon you’ve trained. However, Lance’s team consists of Dragon-type Pokemon, so having a team with Ice or Fairy-type moves can be effective.
    1. Can I rematch Gym Leaders in Pokemon Crystal?
    • Yes, you can rematch Gym Leaders by using the phone function to call them and schedule a rematch.
    1. How do I get to Mt. Silver in Pokemon Crystal?
    • Mt. Silver is located in the northern part of the Johto region. You’ll need to first obtain all 16 gym badges and then travel through Route 28 to reach the mountain.
    1. What is the fastest way to travel in Pokemon Crystal?
    • The fastest way to travel in Pokemon Crystal is by using the Fly HM to instantly travel to any town or city you’ve previously visited. Additionally, the bike can be used to quickly move around routes and towns.
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