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what to do after hitting 70 dragonflight

If you have recently hit the 70 dragonflight milestone in your favorite game, congratulations! You have accomplished a significant feat and likely put in many hours of gameplay to get there. However, hitting this milestone can leave you wondering what to do next. Don’t worry; this guide will give you some great ideas to keep the fun going.

Understanding Dragonflight

Before diving into what to do after hitting 70 dragonflight, let’s first understand what it is. Dragonflight is a game mode in which players fly on the backs of dragons and battle enemy dragons and other monsters in the sky. As players progress through the game, they gain experience points (XP), which allows them to level up and increase their dragon’s power and abilities. Hitting level 70 is a significant milestone in the game, and it opens up many new opportunities.

Continue Leveling Up

Just because you’ve hit level 70 doesn’t mean you should stop leveling up your dragon. Continuing to level up your dragon will help you become more powerful and enable you to defeat stronger enemies. You can gain XP by completing quests, defeating monsters, and participating in dragon races.

Join a Clan

Joining a clan can be an excellent way to meet new people and participate in group activities. Clans can provide support and resources to help you grow stronger and progress through the game. You can join a clan by searching for one in the game or asking other players if they are part of a clan.

Participate in Events

The game developers frequently host events for players to participate in, such as dragon races or boss battles. These events often provide rewards, such as XP, gold, and rare items. Participating in events can be a great way to level up your dragon and acquire valuable resources.

Upgrade Your Gear

As you progress through the game, you will come across various gear items that can help increase your dragon’s power and abilities. It’s essential to continually upgrade your gear to keep up with stronger enemies. You can acquire gear by completing quests, participating in events, or purchasing them in the game’s store.

Breed Your Dragon

Breeding your dragon can be a fun and exciting way to create new and unique dragons with different abilities. To breed your dragon, you will need to acquire a breeding partner and complete a breeding process, which can take time and resources. However, the results can be well worth it and lead to a more powerful and diverse dragon collection.

Explore New Areas

The game world is vast, and there is always more to explore. After hitting 70 dragonflight, you can venture into new areas and discover new monsters, treasures, and challenges. Exploring new areas can be a great way to gain XP, acquire new gear, and meet other players.

Participate in PVP Battles

PVP battles can be an exciting and competitive way to test your dragon’s strength and abilities. You can challenge other players to battles, or you can participate in PVP events hosted by the game developers. Winning PVP battles can provide significant rewards, such as XP and rare items.

Help Other Players

As you progress through the game, you will likely encounter new players who could benefit from your experience and knowledge. Helping other players can be rewarding and can also help build relationships and a sense of community within the game.

Take a Break

Lastly, don’t forget to take a break when needed. Playing games can be enjoyable, but it’s essential to take breaks and give your mind and body time to rest. Taking breaks can also help prevent

Taking breaks can also help prevent burnout and keep the game fun and exciting. So, don’t be afraid to step away from the game for a bit and come back refreshed.


In conclusion, hitting 70 dragonflight is a significant accomplishment, but it’s just the beginning of what the game has to offer. Continuing to level up, joining a clan, participating in events, upgrading gear, breeding dragons, exploring new areas, participating in PVP battles, helping other players, and taking breaks are all great ways to keep the fun going and make the most out of the game.


  1. What should I prioritize after hitting 70 dragonflight? Ans: It depends on your personal preferences, but leveling up, upgrading gear, and exploring new areas are great places to start.
  2. How do I join a clan? Ans: You can search for clans in the game or ask other players if they are part of a clan.
  3. Is breeding dragons worth it? Ans: It can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, but it can also lead to powerful and unique dragons.
  4. How often should I take breaks from playing? Ans: It’s essential to take breaks when needed to prevent burnout and keep the game fun. The frequency of breaks will depend on your individual needs and preferences.
  5. Are PVP battles mandatory? Ans: No, PVP battles are optional, but they can provide significant rewards and be an exciting way to test your dragon’s strength and abilities.
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