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What To Do After Kraid: A Guide to Progressing in Metroid

If you’re playing Metroid, you may have just defeated the boss Kraid. Congratulations! However, the game doesn’t end there. In fact, there is still much to do and discover in the game. In this guide, we’ll go over what to do after Kraid and how to progress in the game.

Explore Brinstar and Norfair

After defeating Kraid, it’s time to explore more of the game’s world. One of the first areas you should explore is Brinstar, which is accessible via the elevator located in Kraid’s lair. Brinstar is home to a variety of enemies, items, and secrets. You may come across the Varia Suit, which will protect you from heat damage and allow you to explore the fiery depths of Norfair.

Speaking of Norfair, this is another area you should explore after defeating Kraid. Norfair is a hot and dangerous place, but it’s also home to valuable power-ups and items. You’ll need the Varia Suit to survive in Norfair, so make sure to explore Brinstar first.

Obtain the Wave Beam

The Wave Beam is a powerful weapon that can shoot through walls and enemies. It’s located in Brinstar, but you’ll need the High Jump Boots to reach it. Once you have the Wave Beam, you can explore new areas and defeat enemies more easily.

Get the Ice Beam

The Ice Beam is another powerful weapon that can freeze enemies and create platforms out of frozen enemies. It’s located in Norfair, but you’ll need to defeat the boss Ridley to access it. Once you have the Ice Beam, you can explore even more areas and defeat enemies in new ways.

Defeat Ridley

Ridley is one of the game’s toughest bosses, but he’s also one of the most rewarding to defeat. He’s located in Norfair, and you’ll need to navigate through a series of challenging rooms to reach him. Once you defeat Ridley, you’ll gain access to the Ice Beam and the path to Tourian, the game’s final area.

Explore Tourian

Tourian is the game’s final area, and it’s where you’ll face off against the final boss, Mother Brain. However, before you can fight Mother Brain, you’ll need to explore Tourian and defeat the Metroids that are lurking there. You’ll also need to find the Screw Attack, which will help you navigate Tourian more easily.

Defeat Mother Brain

Mother Brain is the game’s final boss, and she’s a tough one. You’ll need to use all of your skills and weapons to defeat her. Once you do, you’ll complete the game and see the ending sequence.


Defeating Kraid is just the beginning of your journey in Metroid. There’s still plenty to do and discover in the game, from exploring new areas to obtaining powerful weapons and defeating challenging bosses. By following this guide, you’ll be able to progress through the game and ultimately defeat Mother Brain.


  1. Can I defeat Ridley before Kraid?

    • Yes, it’s possible to defeat Ridley before Kraid. However, you’ll need to navigate through some challenging rooms in Norfair to reach him.
  2. What is the Screw Attack?

    • The Screw Attack is a power-up that allows you to jump and spin through enemies and obstacles. It’s located in Tourian, and you’ll need it to navigate through the area more easily.
  3. Are there any other bosses in the game besides Kraid, Ridley, and Mother Brain?

    • Yes, there are other bosses in the game, such as the Spore Spawn and Crocomire. They’re located in different areas of the game and offer their own unique challenges.
  4. What happens after I defeat Mother Brain?

    • After defeating Mother Brain, you’ll see the ending sequence and the credits. You’ll then be prompted to start a new game or continue playing your current game.
  5. Is there a way to save my progress in the game?

    • Yes, you can save your progress by finding and using the game’s save points. Save points are located in various areas of the game and allow you to save your progress and continue playing later.
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