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What To Do At Carlsbad Caverns – The Comprehensive Guide

Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico is a natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the world. The park boasts over 119 caves that have been explored and documented, with the most famous being the Carlsbad Cavern. The cave system is vast, with a depth of more than 1,000 feet, and it is home to unique geological formations, underground lakes, and a variety of wildlife. In this article, we will explore what to do at Carlsbad Caverns and how to make the most of your visit.

Getting There

Before we dive into what to do at Carlsbad Caverns, it’s essential to know how to get there. The park is located in southeastern New Mexico, about 20 miles southwest of Carlsbad. The nearest airport is in El Paso, Texas, about 150 miles away. From there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle service to the park.

Exploring the Caves

The main attraction of Carlsbad Caverns is, of course, the caves. There are two self-guided tours available: the Big Room Tour and the Natural Entrance Tour. The Big Room Tour is a 1.25-mile loop that takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It is the most popular tour and takes you through the largest chamber in the cave system. The Natural Entrance Tour is a 1.25-mile hike that takes about 1.5 hours to complete. This tour starts at the natural entrance to the cave and leads you through a series of switchbacks and steep descents.

For those who want a more in-depth experience, there are ranger-guided tours available. The most popular is the King’s Palace Tour, which takes you on a 1.5-hour journey through four chambers of the cave with a ranger. Another popular option is the Lower Cave Tour, which takes you through unimproved passages and narrow tunnels.

Hiking Trails

In addition to the cave tours, Carlsbad Caverns also has several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The park has over 50 miles of trails, ranging from easy nature walks to strenuous hikes. The most popular trail is the Guadalupe Ridge Trail, a 9-mile round trip that takes you to the highest point in the park. The trailhead is located near the visitor center, and it takes about 6-8 hours to complete.

The Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is a popular option for those who want a shorter hike. This 1-mile round trip trail takes you through a scenic canyon and leads to a hidden waterfall. The trailhead is located near the Natural Entrance and takes about 1 hour to complete.

Bat Flight Program

One of the most unique experiences at Carlsbad Caverns is the Bat Flight Program. Every evening from May through October, visitors can witness the mass exodus of thousands of bats from the cave system. The bats emerge from the cave at dusk and fly overhead in search of insects. The best place to view the bat flight is at the Bat Flight Amphitheater, located near the Natural Entrance.

Other Activities

In addition to the cave tours, hiking trails, and bat flight program, Carlsbad Caverns also offers a variety of other activities. The park has a visitor center with exhibits on the geology, biology, and history of the area. There are also several campgrounds and picnic areas for those who want to spend more time in the park.


Carlsbad Caverns is a unique and fascinating destination that offers something for everyone. From the spectacular cave system to the stunning hiking trails, there are plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a first-time visitor, be sure to put Carlsbad Caverns on your must-visit list.


  1. What is the best time to visit Carlsbad Caverns?

The best time to visit Carlsbad Caverns is from April to September, as the weather is mild and the park offers extended hours. The bats are most active from May to October, so this is also a great time to visit.

  1. Are there any age restrictions on the cave tours?

The cave tours are suitable for most ages, but some tours require a certain level of physical fitness. The ranger-guided tours have age restrictions, so be sure to check before booking.

  1. Can I bring my own food into the park?

Yes, you can bring your own food into the park. There are several picnic areas available for visitors.

  1. Is there lodging available at Carlsbad Caverns?

There is no lodging available at Carlsbad Caverns, but there are several hotels and campgrounds nearby.

  1. Are pets allowed in the park?

Pets are allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash at all times. They are not allowed on the cave tours or in any of the park buildings.

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